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The Bone BBQ

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The Bone BBQ initially contacted me to help redesign their menu.  Based on the success of the first project, we moved forward with a complete rebrand.  The new brand focused heavily on creating an iconic food brand that stood out amongst many barbecue competitors.  The Bone's bright orange accent color became a primary focus and was used throughout the designs.  Kraft paper became another element that was used across many elements, including menus, business cards and rewards cards.  Rich photography of the different foods were used in gigantic scales to help showcase the quality foods and ingredients both in print and on the web.

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The Bone also decided to start packaging their scratch made barbecue and hot sauces.  They wanted to carry over the newly created aesthetic that was used in house on all collateral to their packaged products.  The result is a super simple lock up and different color combinations to help indicate the different brands with a custom die shape for each label that refers back to their hand made practices.  The hot sauces also were unique in that they used Heritage Brewing Co.'s Freedom Isn't Free IPA beer as one of their ingredients, further differentiating them from anything else in their market.


To help support The Bone as they rolled out their new brand physically, we created advertising for social media and print that carried forward the large food imagery paired with snarky, humorous copywriting.  The end result helped to create a cohesive brand experience across multiple platforms.