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Pink Chair Rose Packaging

Wilderness Run: Pink Chair Rose


Pink Chair Rose emerged from a meeting with the team at Wilderness Run Vineyards and their need to create a rose they could market to their patrons that would fit within the space of their higher end wines and something that would be laid back and enjoyable in casual settings.  

Pink Chair Four Pack.jpg

When I imagined the context in which this wine could be consumed, I looked no further than the grounds of Wilderness Run Vineyards.  The property's amenities include fire pits, a lake, and pontoon boat converted into a stage for music.  Many of the patrons of Wilderness Run Vineyards can be found carrying their own folding chairs and blankets to unwind on while enjoying a bottle or two of their crafted wines.  This environment and its patrons inspired the name Pink Chair.  It ultimately is an homage to the act of sitting down amongst friends and having a good time.  

Pink Chair.jpg

I illustrated the classic images of the folding chair and pink flamingo using clayboard in a woodcut style.  The elements were then distressed with halftone and grunge, along with the text and hot pink foil stamp.