Southern Northern




Photography is a bit of a passion at Southern Northern. We have had the good fortune to be on the other side of the lens for many projects, locations and people. Each project calls for its own style and story telling. We work with a variety of cameras from modern digital and film cameras to 100+ year old wet plate cameras.


Location Photography

Southern Northern often gets requests for custom photography of client locations and properties. The following is a collection of images from some that ultimately found their way into websites, social media, and printed publications.


Portrait Photography


Part of working with our clients is taking great portraits of some of them. Often the approach is to capture authenticity and as candid of an image as possible. Over the years the our process has been to make the sessions as painless as possible. The end result is portraiture that feels natural and inviting.


Food and Beverage Photogaphy


We love food photography. The best part about partnering with companies who make all of these various treats is getting to devour the dishes after the shoots. Many of these shots were on location in the restaurants where they were cooked and occasionally we get to do the in studio shoot.

Burger 2.jpg

Product Photography


After all of the designing and illustration is complete we get to set up the studio lights and backdrops to take product shots that ultimately end up all over the place from, digital, print, advertising and social media.

Ragged Branch 1.jpg