Southern Northern


Southern Northern Illustration


Custom illustration is a large part of the work done at Southern Northern. Often a project requires illustration to convey mood, instruction or supporting elements for brands. Illustration work at Southern Northern comes in many styles and media from traditional pen and ink to completely digitally created.


Editorial Illustrations For The U.S. Marine Corp


The following Illustrations were used as part of a larger printed effort for the U.S. Marine Corp. The illustrations were created in a flat style with plenty of grit and grain as to not be too cartoonish while adding a moments of color in the printed materials.


Lithium Fire Guard Product Usage Guide


Lithium Fire Guard needed an illustration to explain how to use their product in the event of electronic device spontaneously igniting while on an aircraft. The instructions were designed to be entirely pictographic and be understood immediately making adaptation of the device easier across multi-lingual nations throughout the world.

Lithium Fire Guard-02.jpg

Cobbler Mountain Packaging Illustration


Cobbler Mountain’s packaging features elaborate custom illustrations throughout. The linocut/woodcut illustration style lends to the whimsy and creativity of the product and location in which the cider is produced. Each product features unique assets that collectively look to be part of a larger story while allowing them to stand alone when needed.