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Heritage Brewing Co. Branding & Packaging

Heritage Brewing Co. Branding & Packaging

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The Next Great American Brewery

I have had a partnership with the team at Heritage Brewing Co. for many years, so it only seemed natural that we worked together on moving their existing brand forward. This year we released a completely ground up rebrand focusing on the two founding veteran brothers as well as new streamlined and clean packaging.

The entire rebrand references historic American design and aesthetic. Clean packaging and messaging now stands out on store shelves calling attention to the cans through clean design.

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Heritage Brewing Co. has been known off the wall fun beers that focused around Americana and a little bit of comic book culture. The marriage of these elements worked well when developing their limited barrel series beers. The labels feature near full wrap art packed with detail focusing on specific events in history.

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When Heritage Brewing Co. decided to expand into the brewpub market, they decided to build a space that would showcase world class food and beer and be a unique addition to Market Common in Arlington, Virginia. I worked together with the team to design and build a space that accomplished that goal.